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World Rainforest Day

World Rainforest Day is an annual collaborative event created by Rainforest Partnership in 2017 to inspire global action to protect the world’s rainforests. In attempt to mitigate climate change and deforestation, this day serves to raise awareness of the significance of Earth’s rainforests in stabilizing climate, maintaining biodiversity, and sustaining communities.

World Rainforest Day was first launched on June 22, 2017 by Rainforest Partnership, an international non-profit based in Austin, TX. After the United States pulled out of the Paris Agreement in 2017, Rainforest Partnership felt compelled to raise awareness of the role of rainforests in stabilizing our climate. They activated a network of environmentally-conscious individuals and organizations around the world to take part in the first ever World Rainforest Day and help advocate for the conservation of Earth’s rainforests. In its first year, World Rainforest Day engaged over 2 million people across North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Partners included South by Southwest, Austin EcoNetwork, Avoided Deforestation Partners, and Bonobo Conservation Initiative .

The event is finished.


Jun 22 2022


All Day

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